Grunge is More Than Music: Top 5 Music Videos of 90s

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The 90s were one of the most fascinating decades of music to ever grace our ears. Mostly because of how short lived it was, and how much it managed to accomplish in that short period of time. Now, grunge is a term reserved for tumblr girls who wear upside down crosses and have dip-dye hair. This fact is quite sickening. Grunge, as a musical genre, influenced all aspects of pop culture – and the video making that came along with this radically different genre was equally magnificent.
Grunge is More Than Music: Top 5 Music Videos of 90s

2Everlong – Foo Fighters (Michel Gondry)

Taylor Hawkins makes a surprisingly attractive woman. Fortunately, this is not the last time various members of Foo will dress up in drag. But that’s beside the point. Not only is Everlong one of the most brilliant songs of the 90s, but also the Foos’ video for it is simultaneously hilarious and deeply touching. We are taken through two dream sequences, Dave Grohl’s dream is a warped punk rock party, and Taylor’s is a bizarre horror movie. The video makes you smile and laugh and tap your foot and when Grohl comes to rescue damsel in distress Hawkins from psycho killers Pat Smear and Nate Mendel, the weight of the lyrics somehow set into your heart and you remember what the song is really about.

There is a reason that the 90s are one of the most talked about decades in musical history. The juxtaposition of the political and socio-economic climate in contrast to the synthetic pop culture left over by the 80s made for the perfect catalyst for something new – and grunge came in and shook the world. These five videos accompanied some of the most ground breaking songs of that decade. It proved that grunge wasn’t just a change in music, but it a change in art, and as such a change in culture.

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