The 5 Worst Videos of the '90s

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Although the '90s were an amazing time to be a music fan, the golden age of music videos was already behind us. When MTV ushered in the era of reality TV with the debut of "The Real World" in 1992, the genre of awesome music videos began a steep decline that would only be further crippled by the dawn of the Internet. By the time canned goods were flying off the shelves in preparation for Y2K, some really bad videos had been forced on America. Here are the worst.
The 5 Worst Videos of the '90s

4Hanson: "MMMBop"

If you're going to listen to popular music, eventually you're going to be bombarded with cute little boys with floppy hair. Fine. But Hanson was no Monkees. With a child on guitar, a child on keyboards and a zygote on drums, Hanson was a thankfully short-lived fraternal band whose hit video "MMMBop" epitomized '90s artistic decline. They're in a house looking cute. They're in a cab looking cute. They're at a bus stop looking cute. Wait. The moon? Why are they on the moon?

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