The Top 5 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

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Some music videos are like mini movies, telling rich stories shared between complex characters, all set to the swelling score of a great song. Other music videos are all about the band, featuring the artists playing and singing their hearts out, totally committed to their craft. Other music videos are pretty much just raw sexual energy corralled into four-minute clips that happen to have music playing behind it. Now which kind of video do you want to talk about today?
The Top 5 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

4Shakira – She Wolf

We did not know human hips could do what they apparently can when those hips belong to Colombian beauty Shakira. Her body appears to be largely made of water merely poured into the shape of a stunning, curvaceous female. Basically, this woman’s joints don’t follow the rules prescribed to the rest of us. And that nude colored, skintight suit she wears while dancing around in a cage doesn’t exactly bother us, to be honest.

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